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Book Review of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Think and Grow Rich- Napoleon Hill- Book Review


Think and Grow Rich attempts to answer the questions like ….do I deserve to be successful and rich? Is it in my control? How to achieve the level of success we see a handful of people achieve?

This book is for all those who want to succeed in life. There are people who are stuck in different stages in their life journey. Many of us may have even given up our dream goals because of the obstacles that seemed insurmountable. Napoleon Hill the author has written this book, after being inspired by his mentor Andrew Carnegie. It is a light that shines on the path to lead us to our desired destination. Best Audiobooks

 My Opinion

In my opinion this is book to read at least once, as it covers many concepts in great detail. Each word that we use casually had so much meaning and information to go with it that I kept delving deeper into the book. I liked the easy style of writing, very easy to read and understand. 

Here I would be listing the negatives before the positives, so that you will take away positives rather than the drawbacks.

I enjoyed reading the book because it has a personal touch. It has a friendly concerned tone. The entire feel of the book is powerful. It filled me with hope and a purpose in life. Each main point was like a small training capsule. If applied, which will of course, take some time, will bring a remarkable change in your way of life. Slowly but surely you will be moving closer to your dream goal, just by following the guidance in the book. Some things written however, were outdated, the examples given may not be relevant to the current times.

 Lets look at the negatives first:

  • It is not science based it is faith based, more trial and error.
  •  Book could be more enjoyable if there were some activities with a score to check where we stand.
  • It is weak in the area of topics relating to the actual steps to get rich.
  • I was concerned disappointed by some vague ideas in the book.

  • I enjoyed reading this book because there is such a wealth of wisdom, it changed my outlook on many things I took for granted.  
  • Strong in the idea of Self development and will power.
  • Appreciated most the detailed and painstaking way in which the author has broken each main point into many bite sized sub points, that are easy to understand.

Here is an ..excerpt..teaser…trailer..of the book Think and Grow Rich, by Napolean Hill

I would like to end with a quote that stood out to me..”Taking the line of least resistance makes all rivers, and some men( and some women) crooked.” This is with reference to the principle of self discipline. Mastery over your tongue, discipline over your emotions, 21 points to develop positive mental attitude and more...

The author Napoleon Hill says A big success is made of a number of small circumstances... and more gold nuggets like these.

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Book Review of The Power of your subconscious Mind- Dr. Joseph Murphy

The Power of your Subconscious Mind-Book Review.


I have thousands of thoughts every minute, I cannot choose my thoughts…is this you? Well then this book provides answers to your most deepest questions,  like for eg: Why are some people happy and some miserable? Why are some successful and others just seem to fail in whatever they do?...and more such questions.

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Continue reading...the review..below..

 My Opinion:

It is my opinion that this book should be read by everyone, especially teenagers and young adults, who are at that time in their lives where they will be taking crucial decisions, that will impact them in future. This book unravels the mystery of the mind and makes it very easy to understand the concept of the subconscious mind and its role in shaping our personality and tools to deal with our circumstances. This book does not just address behaviour change. It suggests change in the basic programming that has been done, since childhood till date, and to reprogram your mind with words of wisdom you find throughout this book. There are some repetitive points, however they may be there to emphasize that point. All in all a very useful book to have in today's day and age, when we are bombarded with so many conflicting ideas and opinions that we tend to forget who we truly are.


I read this book like a novel the first time, which was quite enjoyable, but had to re read it to get the value out of the ideas and examples presented. The writing style is simple and anyone can understand this complex topic.

Here I will list the negatives before the positives so that you can take away the positives from this review:


  • The book could be more enjoyable if some of the repetitive points were removed.
  •  It is weak in the area of focus, gets a little confusing.
  •  I was concerned and a little disappointed by the suggestion that by reading this book one could acquire supernatural power.

  • Enjoyed because it gives wonderful ideas about how you can change your life path by changing the thoughts you plant in your subconscious mind
  •  Strong in the idea of unlearning old negative programming and reprogramming with positive thoughts
  • Appreciated most the painstaking way in which the author has listed the important points to remember.

Here is an excerpt..teaser…trailer..

Dr. Joseph Murphy says in his book, “I am thoroughly convinced that Madame Bire was not healed by the waters of the shrine. What healed her was her own subconscious mind, which responded to her belief. The healing principle within her subconscious responded to the nature of her thought.”. Read the book to unravel more miracles you may experience by understanding how to use the power of your subconscious mind.

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Check out this video for a quick review:

2 Must Read Books for Life Skills!!

Hi Dear Friends!

 Here I will recommend some good books to read as a follow up to my posts in my other blog, links to the relevant posts given below.

Life skills are the core of our existence, as mentioned in my post 10 Quick tips about life skills,. Without them it would be difficult to us to even survive. Most of us have a certain level of life skills. However life throws things at us, and sometimes we duck, and sometimes we get hit and fall, that's when we need "to get up dust off and move on." Here are 15 best blogs about life skills, you can check out for more on how successful people have coped with challenges in their lives.

The 2 books I am reviewing today are:

1. Know your worth by N.K Sondhi and Vibha Malhotra
2. The Art of the Good Life by Rolf Dobelli

"Know your worth" (stop thinking and start living) by N.K Sondhi an Vibha Malhotra, is the wonderful teamwork by a Banking Management turned fictional writer and a poet and translator. This book addresses the fast paced life of youngsters. The challenges they face while dealing with technology. "Know your worth" is great book to read, to gain insight about the younger generation. As we all know India is the youngest country in the world as per government figures. Therefore a relevant book to read!

The 2nd book "The Art of the Good Life" by Rolf Dobelli, is about answering the many questions that we ask regularly, how much should I earn? how should I spend my time? what would make me happy?.. and more. This book gives you 52 unique ways to reach your goal at the earliest. This is one book to have, to help you, think clearly for your business and life.

The links to the books are given below,  just click "shop now" and you will go to the Amazon site from where you can purchase these books!

Happy reading!! 

Must Read Books for Introverts,Ambiverts and Extroverts/ Extraverts!

Must Read Books for Introverts Ambiverts and Extrovert/Extravert

Re-discover your self: Who are you really?

We often wonder, why do we do the things we do, why do people respond to us in certain ways. We adjust, adapt and sometimes even lose our identity. We go so far away, from who we really are, our strengths our weakensses, our core values, that we are unable, to be the gift to the world, that we were created to be, in the first place. Trying to be Mr. /Ms or Mrs. great, rich, beautiful/handsome, intelligent successful, we lose out n our true blessings.

Here are ....

Super insightful books, that will enlighten you and introduce you to yourself. You can start your journey if you haven't started, by reading about the 3 behavioural styles, Introverts, Extroverts or Extraverts and Ambiverts.

The first book is The Sunday Times Bestseller, Quiet, The Power of Introverts, in a world that can't stop talking. This book is especially written for Introverts and to help extroverts/ extraverts to understand what introversion means. As is common knowledge by now almost 70 percent of the world's population are either extroverts or ambiverts.

This is a book that all those who identify with this behavioural style must read "Quiet:In a world that cant stop talking" by Susan Cain.

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This book is for both introverts and extroverts! Check this out to understand each other better!

Happy Reading!!

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